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Sunday, February 3, 2008

mahalia jackson Photo

There used to be a photo I used to see as a child of Mahalia Jackson looking up towards the heaven. I took a picture of my mom like that. It turned out pritty good. Some of the picture that I took didnt. I was so focued on the ones that turned out wrong. I didnt see that the last photo turned out right. I took 15 of them. 10 of them was ok 4 of them was what I was looking for so 15/4. I show you what I mean by 4 turned out right.

The picture that didnt look the way I wanted it to is to the left . It's not bad just not what I wanted or saw in my head.

This is the picture I saw in my head

4 pictures was what I saw in my head the others were ok.


Ok, its almost time to make my film and im scared to death that it will just look like crap. Although, Im learning the techical side I am still more comfortable with a still camera. Speaking of which I brought my first camera 1 year ago this month ( feb). I picked up my camera and took my very first picture of my daughter. To the right. Below I will add the most recent picture that I took.
Now this is a picture I took of my mom. I must say if nothing eles. I have improved on making my lighting dramatic. Plus, it was the look I was going for. Some make up , wig and dramatic lighting and it looks like a real black & white not just a picture I turned to black & white. But, having said all that film is another media at least for me. I can see the shots in my head not sure how they will come across the screne. And all these terms. I call everthing a wacha macallit or thing, it, the wacha jig or somthing like that. Im sure that's would make it hard when trying to accomplish any task. I know God knows best and I love photography but I dont like the regular day to day great shots. And I take horrible pictures if I cant see the shot before I take it. I'm over thinking it im sure. Maybe the point is just be destracted from timothy's death. Photography has really manage to keep me from loosing it.
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