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Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Weekend of Racing- Family Fun

This is someone from the " crazy white boys" they really was crazy. But, I did enjoy the Hot Rods that raced this past weekend. I am at Fort Lee, VA. So, I enjoy events especially when it's FREE to the military. It means I get to stop and take the family out to an event that the whole family will love. OK, well maybe I enjoys watching while I tryto explain to a my 3 year old ,racing. The "Bike show" was my daughter's favorite event of the day right up there ice cream. Of course I took photos. So, here are some shots. There not racing for pink slips :) But, I love to see how creative the cars will be. Has anyone but me noticed. The Hot looking cars usually loose. My husband seems to be getting into it a little. A couplar more live events and he will be hooked. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Student


I am new to Regent University. Trying to get into the swing of being back in school and regent course load. I am self-employed and my company is in the process of going non-profit. In my spare time I enjoy Photography and Photo Editing. I have been Photo Editing for about 6 months and enjoy the creativity if offers.
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