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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Student


I am new to Regent University. Trying to get into the swing of being back in school and regent course load. I am self-employed and my company is in the process of going non-profit. In my spare time I enjoy Photography and Photo Editing. I have been Photo Editing for about 6 months and enjoy the creativity if offers.


Bevrjenkins said...

Beauriful picture you took of the little girl. I love hobbies like that. I am a party planner and LOVE to throw extravagant parties. So if I ever need a photographer I will look you up.

Welcome to Regent. You are going to love it here.
Bev Jenkins

sarahc said...

That is a gorgeous photo! Welcome to Regent, I hope its everything you thought it would be! I'm one of your Comm Reps, so let me know if you need anything!

Mo said...

Welcome Natasha! It's so awesome to have you here! I love your photo, it's so beautiful, you've got a really amazing talent, I just love pictures that are taken well :D I also happen to be the other Communications Rep (I see you've already met Sarah, she's awesome!, so if there's anything I could do or answer for you as well, please feel free! my email is, shoot me one! And welcome once again! :D

Kyle Graham said...

Welcome to the blog area. I look forward to more of you pics. Before I read you whole post, I thought the picture was of you as a young child.

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