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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I've been Busy

Ok, I have been really Busy. The New spring class lineup is pritty good. As usual I took or more than I am suppose to. My New Years regulations is to get back to being myself. Here is my goals.

1. To care more- this might seem easy, however when you loose your child it is possible to become the living dead and to start caring about nothing.

2. To get rid of this last 15 pounds. I still have this weight to loose from being pregnant with Timothy. ( my son that passed away). Normally, I would have lost it by now however, I really didnt care much about how I looked. This is when being invisable is good.

3. Get active and become more social. I used to go everwhere and do everything for a while it was a task just to get out of the bed.

4. Work on renovations of the house.

there you have it the short edited list of my New Year resolutions. Pray for me yall it's hard to raaise the dead. Oh, here is the best picture I took in class.

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