Regent University School of Udnergraduate Studies

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fall Classes

My Fall schedule is hectic. But, I look forward to the new classes. I changed my major to film and my minor to animation. Im taking maya,lighting,digital art, and CTV equiptment. My last class will not be over till late, so I will be spending the night in chesapeake and driving in the morning unless I have alot of energy. The 2 hour drive I think is safe in the morning. I dont want to fall to sleep on the road. I met my teachers yesterday. Some of my teachers are more passionate. That to me ensures that I will learn alot. So, as an undergraduate student at regent my first year has went ok. Jan. marks my 2nd year at regent let's see how I feel about that. Oh, the unit wants to deploy my husband but they are not suppose to be able to deploy him until Febuary. So, We will see how things turn out. I am going to pitch a fit it they deploy him. I mean a really big fit. oh, I found a nice park/estate in Richmond. called Maymont.

in the richmond are check it out.
My husband took some pitures. I will come back and post them later...
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